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Coast Amateur Radio Training & Operations Group

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Amateur Radio operators are needed to provide communications support for the Big Sur International Marathon Sunday, April 30, 2006.

This page will be updated periodically through April 29. Please check back regularly for updates. Times listed are subject to change.

Who: The Coast Amateur Radio Training & Operations Group and amateur radio operators of Central California.
What: Communications support to the 2006 Big Sur International Marathon.
Where: On site, along the marathon course located on Highway 1 between Carmel and Big Sur.
When: Staging from 0900 Saturday, April 29. Event support beginning at 0230 hours Sunday, April 30.
How: VHF/UHF FM communications with two remote bases and HF for support/logistics traffic.

Amateur Radio Event Leader: Rick Lagerstrom, KN6FR

BSIM Amateur Radio Operator Volunteer Form


There are no updates at this time. Please return in 2006 to signup for this event.


The Big Sur International Marathon is a point-to-point race from Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park in Big Sur to Carmel along the Pacific Coast Scenic Highway One. The Big Sur Marathon is known as one of the worlds toughest and most beautiful. In addition to the marathon, there may be wheelchair, walking, and other events making up this gala affair. Amateur radio support coordinated by CARTOG for several local amateur radio groups is integral to the safe running of the Big Sur International Marathon. We support this event with fixed sites, mobile sites, a command, control, and communications center, operators at net control, two remote bases, and several stations at Marathon Flats and the finish line area.

Volunteer Information

If you will be operating on the course (most will be) you need to be on-site no later than 0500 hours Sunday, April 30 -- possibly earlier (depending on your position) -- unless instructed otherwise by the event leader.

The BSIM itself takes place on Sunday the 30th. We set up staging and are somewhat operational 0900 Saturday. We are fully operational noon Saturday through mid-afternoon Sunday. Dozens of hams sleep on the course or at AT&T Marathon Village/Staging site Saturday night.

We use a temporary cross-band two-repeater system. Operators should bring radios capable of 2-meter and 70-centimeter operation. We use a repeater located on a 361 foot-high rock, Point Sur, and a repeater located above Pebble Beach. Net Control is located in the middle of the course.

Staging will be right off Highway 1. Just get to Highway 1/Pacific Coast Highway, and head south, past Marina, Seaside, and Monterey. Staging is in Carmel just east of the intersection of Highway One and Rio Road. Look for the antennas! If you are driving north on Highway 1, it is the first big built-up area north of Big Sur.

We have a ham BBQ at staging Saturday evening at 1800 hours. Bring your own food. Volunteers who wish to participate in the BBQ should bring at least as much food as they plan to eat. Bring your own meat, eating tools, drinks, and a dish to share with others. Note: there is a Safeway grocery store at staging.

BBQ Schedule: Show up at 1700. Setup the grill by 1730. Fire up the grill at 1800. Eat for the next couple hours.

You can sleep on the course if you process through Staging on Saturday.

If you can work the event, we have many positions open. We are short operators this year and could really use your help. It is important to have at least two, preferably three operators at each rest stop except the southernmost two or three sites. We are one deep or less at this moment. There are also medical, CHP, and other shadows unfilled as well as other positions around AT&T Marathon Flats. So, a good position will be found for you to operate.

If will wish to work this event, Rick, KN6FR, needs you to fill out the volunteer form and return it to him as soon as possible. Preferrably no later than the end of March 2006. Filling out this form is required. It is necessary to get t-shirts, process everyone for OES and Workman's Comp and Liability Insurance.

A volunteer form must be turned in to the Amateur Radio Event Leader prior to participating in the event.

If you have not worked BSIM before and/or are unfamiliar with net control procedure, it is important you arrive at staging early (preferably Saturday) so we can brief you on net control protocol.

Thank you.

Stay frosty!

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